In collaboration with Jonathan Hopson, "Sky and Space" is photo documentation series of the sky above specific locations. Each piece is titled Sky above/on X where X explains the physical site or event. Examples include Sky above Cemetery and Sky above Taco Bell. Project ongoing.

Sky Above Forgive  

Sky Above LA  

Sky above Fiesta Supermarket  

Sky above Cemetery  

Family Dollar in the Sky  

Sky above Mercury Redstone Rocket  

Sky Above Yakoshima Island  

Sky the day E. Cooper Passed Away  

Sky above Taco Bell  

Sky above Auto Junkyard  

Sky Over Weather Balloon  

Sky Above Houston Gas Station  

Sky above my Grandmother's Grave (before death)

Sky Above Heian Shrine  

Sky above Picnic  

Sky Above the Hollywood Sign  

Sky above Howard Hughes   

Sky on the day Jonathan lost  hearing in one ear

Sky Over Davis Mountains  

Sky above Someone Sleeping  

Sky Above My Father